Supercharge customer service with text message support.

Supercharge your customer service experience or internal employee logistics. Text-enable your phone or toll-free number and begin communicating via SMS/MMS message from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Text Messages on Mobile Phone
Text Messages on Mobile Phone

Powerful & Easy to Use

With no app to download, you can communicate with anyone on-the-go from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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Packed Full of Features

We’re continually adding new features to improve workflows and make it easier than ever to connect with your audience.

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Priced for Your Needs

With options to pay by message volume or end user, we make it easy to customize our platform for your exact needs.

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Scaleable for Enterprise

Our platform is easily scaleable for large businesses and enterprise customers with multiple locations or users.

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Who’s using GoMo Chat?

From healthcare and telecom to retail and hospitality, our flexible text message platform is the perfect solution to streamline communication and logistics in almost any industry.

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Leveraging the power of
text messaging

Slide 93% of text messages are read within the first 3-minutes of receiving it. 9 out of 10 consumers would prefer messaging a business instead of calling. 66% of consumers use their mobile phone to message businesses. U.S. smartphone users send and receive five times more texts than they make calls.

Send SMS/MMS messages from your computer to contacts or groups stored in your secure online portal.

What some of our
users are saying

“Being able to send a message to a single tech, a few technicians at the same time, or all everyone at once has proven very efficient. We’re able to see previously sent messages and technician responses on an individual basis allowing us to critique dispatchers and also hold technicians accountable for not responding to messages.”

“The reports that managers can view has been helpful in seeing which dispatchers are using the chat more than others (ie a dispatcher using the phone instead of the chat to communicate with the technicians) The safety feature has also been helpful as managers receive an automated email if a dispatcher has not responded to an incoming message after a predetermined amount of time.”

“We now can schedule them more efficiently and only have overlap in dispatchers during the more busy times of the day. Dispatch overtime has been greatly reduced and close to being eliminated.”

“We have found that our dispatchers can work more efficiently in their communications with our technicians. Eliminating unnecessary phone conversations has allowed our dispatchers to handle more important phone calls in a timely manner while still being able to answer messages via their computer on the chat. Technicians now know that if they receive a message it is meant for them, as opposed to a group chat (WhatsApp) where the message may not be meant for them.”

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