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Ok, so there’s a lot to take in here. Read the frequently asked questions below or contact us to chat with a platform representative who can better answer any inquiries you may have about the platform, features, or pricing.

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Are there different user roles for representatives using GoMo Chat to communicate?2019-03-21T18:09:30-04:00

Yes, you can segment your employees to use the following roles, each with their own access to certain features of the platform:


A representative can respond to messages within the chat queue.

Location Manager?

Location managers manage a specific location or department; Location managers can see reports and add representatives for that location

Customer Service Manager?

Customer Service Managers have access to all locations as well as the reporting for all locations. Consider them as a super administrator. They can set up new participants and representatives, but cannot answer questions in the queue, or see the queue of questions at all.

How can GoMo Chat be customized for my brand?2019-07-09T15:17:09-04:00

We can co-label or white-label the GoMo Chat experience and include your organization’s logo and color scheme.

What happens if I transfer a message to a different department, and no one is available to answer it?2019-03-21T18:02:13-04:00

In a case where the department the message was transferred to is unable to answer the message, the message/patient is automatically transferred back to the original user after a predetermined time of inactivity.

Can I transfer a message to a different department if I am not qualified to answer the question?2019-03-21T18:01:34-04:00

Yes, you can transfer a message to a different department, location, or representative, by clicking the arrow button next to the “transfer” button. Then you can choose who you would like the message to be transferred to.

Is there a way to know if the message was successfully delivered?2019-03-21T17:59:42-04:00

Yes, if you look at the participant’s history, you’ll see a little envelope that indicates confirmed delivery of the message.

What number do the messages come from?2019-07-09T15:18:07-04:00

Messages will come from your text-enabled phone or toll-free number. If you do not wish to use your own phone number, a new, unique one can be provided for you.

If I frequently send the same message, is there a way to save them?2019-07-09T15:18:20-04:00

Yes, you can set up predefined template messages for quicker responses and include automatic personalization variables such as automatically populating first name, last name, phone number, ZIP code, and other customizable variables as long as that data has been collected.

What if I’m out of the office. Can I respond from my phone?2019-03-21T17:53:38-04:00

You can log into the portal from any device connected to the internet – desktop PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Some features may not be available in mobile views.

Do I have to use a phone to send messages to participants?2019-07-09T15:18:54-04:00

As the business or organization using GoMo Chat, you have access to a web portal to access all messages and conversation threads. You can use a mobile device or tablet to access the web portal to respond to messages and continue conversations on the go quickly, but some features may not be available for use.

Participants and customers will only use a mobile device/phone to communicate with you.

Can a participant initiate a secure conversation?2019-07-09T15:19:10-04:00

No, by default, a participant can only initiate a standard message or reply to the last received secure message. Once a participant has logged into the secure web portal to receive their message, any subsequent messages sent within the portal are secure.

How does a participant initiate a chat with me?2019-07-09T15:19:37-04:00

There are multiple ways a chat conversation can get started. A participant can send a message to your phone or toll-free number just as they would begin any other text message conversation or you can integrate GoMo Chat into a web-based contact us form that can collect additional information before sending their first message to your chat portal.

How does a participant know they have successfully started a chat session?2019-07-09T15:20:45-04:00

A participant will receive an automated welcome message as a standard text when he or she has successfully started a chat session. This automated welcome message can be customized to your organization’s needs. Custom away messages are also available to inform participants that their message has been received, however, no one is available to respond at that moment.

Can secure chat messages be accessed from a desktop PC or tablet?2019-07-09T15:20:56-04:00

Yes, secure chat messages can be viewed from any device that can access the Internet. There is no app to download, and participants can log into the secure web portal from a supported internet browser.

Do secure chats use data?2019-07-09T15:21:36-04:00

To receive a secure chat on a mobile device, the participant must have a carrier data plan associated with their mobile number or be connected to WiFi. The secure chat portal uses very little data and should not have a significant impact on a participant’s data plan.

What is involved to register to receive a secure message?2019-07-09T15:22:42-04:00

A participant will receive a message similar to this:

“You have received a secure message, please follow this link and register to view: [secure link goes here]”

The first time a secure message is received, the participant must create a 4-6 digit personal identification number (PIN) and set up 2 security questions for identification purposes before being able to view their secure message.

Participants who have previously registered will only have to enter their PIN number to enter the web-based secure portal where they can receive and reply to their secure message.

Beyond the initial SMS notification that they have received a secure message, messages sent within the secure portal are not unsecured SMS/MMS messages.

What is “secure chat”?2019-07-09T15:23:00-04:00

Secure chat is defined as a method of communication designed to allow the disclosure of sensitive information such as personal health information (PHI) or credit card numbers.

These messages are sent via a secure web portal that requires participants to register with a 4-digit pin number to view messages the first time. While the initial message is sent via standard SMS message, the actual message thread and conversation is housed within the secure web portal.

What is a “standard chat”?2019-07-09T15:23:49-04:00

A “standard chat” is defined as a message that will appear on a participant’s mobile phone as a text (SMS) or multimedia (MMS) message.

These messages will appear in a participant’s default messaging app on their phone (e.g., iOS Messages app and Android Messages) or just like any other text conversation.

Standard chat is the default method to communicate with participants as it requires no additional setup beyond initiating a chat session.

What is GoMo Chat?2019-03-20T15:23:13-04:00

GoMo Chat is a web-based platform that enables one-to-one communication initiated by the mobile user or communication from you to a small group.

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